The beauty is in the detail...

With 30 years' experience in the house building industry, Orchard Homes focuses on creating bespoke, hand-crafted and high-quality homes to suit all lifestyles.

Orchard Homes understands that buying a new home is one of life's biggest financial and emotional decisions.  From design and planning, through to the finishing touches, we aim to provide the highest standard of design supported by a team of skilled craftsmen ensuring an exceptional level of finish and specification in each property.

From the outset, the Orchard Homes sales team will work with you to tailor the property, helping you select from a range of high quality fixtures and fittings to ensure the end product truly is your dream home.

Quality, Service and Choice

Three overriding principles guide everything that we do.


First, we ensure meticulous attention to detail and quality. Our co-founding directors over see every aspect of the design and build. Each key discipline remains strictly in-house, from initial concept through to design and construction. Our team of professionals, many of whom possess over twenty years of experience, safeguard exceptional levels of quality throughout every project.


Secondly, the service and support we offer. We know how important buying a home is and we make it as easy to create your dream home as possible. Always doing what we say we will, guiding and supporting you through the process.


Lastly, we maintain a strict policy on individuality. We provide a breadth of options so you can tailor the property to create your dream home,

Meet the family:


James Hurrell (Co-founder) and Martin Hurrell (Co –founder)

Martin and James have a combined total of 70 years experience in the building industry (45 and 25 years respectively). Together they have built over 200 homes across Yorkshire. Over the years they have assembled a team of highly skilled craftsmen, each of whom deliver unparalleled levels of quality and service.

What makes Orchard Homes unique is the fact that the people that own the business over see every aspect of design and build. You will work with James and Martin in creating your new home, making your choices and overseeing progress.

James and Martin build every home to the highest possible level of quality and finish and are passionate about delivering excellent service that makes it easy for you to create your dream home.